Allergy & Immune Issues

There are a group of children that experience ongoing symptoms. Symptoms which arise from allergy or immune issues make it very difficult for a child to function normally and often leads to these children missing a lot of school.

Our modern society exposes all of us to increased levels of pollution, processed food and lower levels of the good bugs. These factors play a big role in the number of children presenting with allergies. Dr Maraschin is a member of The Allergy Society of South Africa (ALLSA) and has treated a large number of children with asthma, eczema and food allergies. It is becoming an increasingly specialised field but his belief is that allergies can be managed if parents and children are empowered to recognise symptoms, avoid triggers and taught how best to manage the condition.

Fortunately there are highly specialised tests available to try to identify allergens. If a specific allergen is identified there are also desensitising medications available to help children who suffer from allergies to grass, mould, bee stings and so on.

Children who are constantly ill may also suffer from an immune issue. Immunity involves the body’s ability to respond to infection. In the past couple of years Dr Maraschin has been able to help children whose immune system is not functioning normally. Again, this would involve blood tests to evaluate various components of the immune system. The findings provide information on the best course of action to be taken.