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Dr Maraschin – Paediatrician

Our well organised, efficient and friendly practice offers paediatric service that works with our mission – to deliver effective, expert advice and treatment to the children in our care. We continue to provide support and advice to parents through those all-important growing years. Together with creating a partnership with parents that works, regular developmental check-ups, vaccinations, hearing/sight testing and metabolic screening of newborns is vital.

Determined and passionate about preventative medicine, paediatrician Dr Maraschin, focuses on the health and well-being of his patients. Building trusted relationships with our parents and patients is a priority to us; ensuring that parents are well-informed and patients feel safe and at ease is always important to us.

Known affectionately as “Dr Rico” by his patients, private paediatrician Dr Maraschin strives to deliver the very best possible care, ensuring that his patients are as content and comfortable as possible. Our high-fives (More like “high-low fives”!), friendly faces and happy staff, will all have you and your little one relieved at our private paediatrician practice in Sandton.

Minimising the anxiety of our parents and patients is important to us and we do so while guaranteeing that our standards of medical excellence are continuously met. Our paediatric services are offered at our private practices, assuring that each paediatrician consultation is tailored to giving you the best dedicated service, for you and your child.

As a father himself, local paediatrician Dr Maraschin is aware of the stress parents endure and experience when their children are ill or facing discomfort. At the point when curative medicine is required, it is the aim of Dr Maraschin, whenever possible, to assess acutely ill children on the same day.

Dr Enrico Maraschin started his private practice, in early January 1995 at the Morningside Mediclinic. Well-known among the community, Dr Maraschin is highly regarded with providing the best care for babies, toddlers and kids. He has played a pivotal role in creating his well-deserved prestige. With a particular interest in neonatology (premature babies), allergies, immunology and vaccinology.

Expectant parents are encouraged to make an appointment with Dr Maraschin to discuss what to expect from him during their baby’s hospital stay. Dr Maraschin’s paediatrician practice is based in central Sandton CBD, in Rochester Place – 173 Rivonia Road Morningside. Empowering parents with the best advice, changing the perception about illnesses and creating awareness that all lead to a better understanding of their child’s health. Dr Maraschin is first and foremost a kid’s doctor but also a paediatric specialist that is determined to help you through every well baby check, cough, tummy bug and those pesky painful vaccinations.

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  • Dr Enrico Maraschin is one in a million, he has looked after all 3 of my children .Our association goes back almost 19 years. All 3 children have had major issues and if it wasn’t for him they wouldn’t be where they are today. We can safely say he has guided us thru thick and thin, taken our calls whenever we needed him ,met us in the middle of the night at Morningside Medi clinic for admissions, even delivered my micro premature little miracle on an off day!! If it wasn’t for Dr Rico our 815 g little girl would not have survived. Enrico is a compassionate and caring individual who has the interests of his patients at heart, his staff are fabulous people who do their best for the patients and will fit you in wherever they can. We are still very much part of the practise , and when I look back I can definitely say I am so grateful Dr Rico was on call the Saturday I went into Labour with my oldest daughter. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful doctor who has become a great friend. We are forever grateful for the care given to our 3 Treasures!!!

  • Our family have known and visited Dr Enrico Maraschin for the past 6 years. Dr Maraschin is a unique person who offers a tremendous amount of professionalism and patient focus. He gives his undivided attention, time and love to my children while in his consultation rooms. He is thorough. Dr Maraschin is passionate about his job and always goes beyond his duty as a paediatrician. Thank you for your patience and understanding Dr Maraschin!

    Cathy Beukes
  • We have been with Dr Enrico Maraschin for almost 7 years now. He helped with the delivery of our two children, aged 6 and 4 now. My wife and I always like evaluate our experiences with service providers/brands that we engage/interact with. Man oh man, are we in awe of Dr Maraschin and his practice. He and the practice staff are always professional, knowledgeable and leave us with memorable experiences every time we visit his practice, albeit the fact that we would be bringing our sick children to him. Within no time after visiting him, our house is filled with lots of laughter, joy, loud screams of “mommy/daddy” and tons of priceless smiles again. Dr Maraschin’s passion and commitment to his work is unparalleled. He builds an awesome rapport with his patients. We can provide testimony to this as our kids adore him, so much so, with even the slightest of ailments, we often hear “when are we going to Dr Maraschin mommy/daddy?” We could not have chosen a better paediatrician for our children! Dr Maraschin, thank you to you and your staff for making our lives easier!

    Potloane Family (Kamo & Seipati)
  • I am a mom of two girls. When my first daughter was born – i was so I love and so incredibly scared at the same time. Dr Marshkin was kind, patient and incredibly thorough… always taking the time to cover all bases and answer any questions or concerns that i may have had. My eldest daughter was hospitalized twice as a baby – Dr Marskin was phenomenal through this very stressful time. My girls are bigger now and they absolutely adore Enrico – he is warm and gentle and always takes the time to check my little ones out from head to toe! I am so grateful to have such a wonderful doctor for my children. You can be confident that your most previous small humans are in the best hands with this world class PAed.

    Kirsty Dugmore x

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