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New born Screening

This is a relatively new test which has opened up an opportunity to screen for diseases which could potentially lead to brain damage and even death. These diseases are not often noted at birth but develop over time as symptoms of their presence start to appear. What an incredible step forward in medicine. By means of a simple heal prick so much about your baby’s health can be determined and early treatment initiated before devastating effects take hold. While most test results return absolutely normal we have no way of knowing which baby is at risk of a metabolic disorder and for this reason Dr Maraschin recommends that all newborns undergo such screening. 24 conditions, including Cystic Fibrosis and Galactosemia, can be identified using the metabolic screening test. Usually treatment of many metabolic conditions involves only dietary changes or supplementation, to enhance the baby’s wellbeing from the start. These changes can prevent serious medical problems from developing in your baby. The test is offered to all baby’s following birth and a nursing sister is available to answer any further questions parents may have. For further information, a comprehensive website is available at www.nextbio.co.za